Presentation Night Concert

AWST18:00:00 Mon Dec 2018

Students are asked to arrive at 5.30pm in preparation for a 6.00pm start.


Our Presentation Assembly is the culmination of the school’s academic, cultural, social and sporting programs. It is a time when our school community collectively acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of not just individual students but all students who have attended our school during 2018.  The Presentation Assembly is an opportunity for all of us to let our students know that we value what they do and that we take great pride in their achievements.





Welcome and Introduction

Sofia Tassone / Michael Gambitta

Year 6 City of Stirling Citizenship Awards

Councillor Suzanne Migdale and Councillor Joe Ferrante

Year 1 - 2 Citizenship and Academic Awards

Year 1 - 2 Staff


Year 3 - 5 Citizenship and Academic Awards

Year 3 - 5 Staff

P & C Address

Mr Bradley Farrell

School Council Address

Mr Albert Tassone


Presentation of Year 6 Awards


Technology and Enterprise Award

Mr Greg Ash

Humanities and Social Sciences Award donated by Hon. Simon Millman MP

Hon. Simon Millman

Ruth Randolph English Award

Ms Ali Roberts

Woodside SciTech Science Awards

Mr Greg Ash

Mathematics Award donated by Hon. Patrick Gorman MP

Hon. Patrick Gorman MP

Michael Richards Physical Education Award

Mr Michael Richards

Mrs Edwards Performing Arts Award

Mr Cyril Edwards

Music Award

Mrs Judith Walpole

Gerri Cox Instrumental Music Award

Dr Shaphan Cox

Art Award

Mrs Jennie Downie

Mount Lawley Senior High School SVAPA / GAT  Scholarships

Mr Michael White

L.O.T.E Award donated by Hon. Donna Faragher JP MLC

Councillor Joe Ferrante


North Metropolitan Education Region Commitment to Excellence Award

Ms Cavelle Monck


Principal’s Award/Annual Address

Ms Cavelle Monck


Conclusion of Presentations

Year 6 Hosts



            Year Group                  Songs


            Year 2                           Look After the Trees                 



            Year 1                           A Wallaby in My Garden           



            Year 4                           One Hundred Years from Now   



            Boys Group                  Earth Day Rap 



            Year 5                           The Dance



            Year 6                           Global Warming Song



            Year 3                           Good Planets Are Hard to Find 



            Vocal Ensemble            Colours of the Wind



            Solos                           Saltwater



            Finale                           Heal the World