Parent & Teacher Semester 1 2019 interviews

This term Semester 1 reports will go home using Connect, as we did last year and will be uploaded on Monday 1 July. On Tuesday 2 July, all teachers will be available for a ten-minute interview about your child and their report, starting from 3.30pm. Report night will be for Kindy to Year 6 and will be based at Mount Lawley Primary School, with teachers in their classrooms and the Kindy teachers in the undercover area. The ten-minute interview will be kept strictly to time so that every parent has the opportunity to meet with the teacher and there will be a half hour break for teachers from 6pm-6.30pm before continuing to the end of the evening. We hope you will make the most of this opportunity to meet with the teacher and discuss the semester report.


The Online Booking Forms are still being developed and will soon be live on this page. A Connect notice will be sent when the Online Booking Forms are open.


Kindy 1 - Ms Taylor

Kindy 2 - Mrs Clifton

Kindy 3 - Mrs Gillies

PP1 - Mrs O'Brien

PP2 - Mr Jensen

PP3 - Mrs Gordon

Room 1 - Miss Roberts

Room 2 - Mr O'Keefe

Room 3 - Miss Summers

Room 4 - Mrs Kaler

Room 5 - Miss Baros

Room 6 - Ms Collins

Room 7 - Mrs Gibbs and Miss Ruggiero

Room 8 - Ms Green

Room 9 - Mrs Wright and Miss Ruggiero

Room 10 - Mrs Jasper and Ms Taylor

Room 11 - Mrs Quelch

Room 12: Ms Moone

Room 13 - Miss Grimes

Room 14 - Miss Praizelin

Room 15 - Mrs Downie and Mrs Underwood

Room 16 - Miss Mildern