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P&C Nature Playground

Please check in regularly as we keep you up to date with the exciting plans for our Nature Playground.

Term 4 Week 5:

Our Nature Playground committee met for the second time on Wednesday 7 November. You will see from the minutes and documents below that the committee has wasted no time in getting input from staff and students, completing a number of key action items and commencing the development of a committee brief.

Nature Playground Committee, Meeting 02: Minutes

Summary of ideas from MLPS Staff and Students

MLPS Nature Playground - Aboriginal Seasons 

Term 4 Week 3:

Our newly formed Nature Playground committee met for the first time last week to explore the potential spaces for our P-6 nature playground. Each member of the committee comes with a wonderful skill set that is key to the implementation of this project. The staff have now been invited to share their ideas of what they would like and at this week’s assembly we will be speaking with the students about obtaining their input into this project. The committee will also be seeking ideas from parents and the community so that the playground is a reflection of our whole school. We hope to have the playground built in Term 1 next year.

Nature Playground Committee, Meeting 01: Minutes