Mount Lawley Primary School has a long and proud history of educating the local community since 1912. It is a strong, supportive and collaborative learning community with a strong reputation within the local and wider community. Mount Lawley PS is a level 5 school and 4 kilometres from Perth’s CBD. Our school, rebuilt in 2015, is well resourced with high level of access to computers and other digital technologies. The school works in partnership with its community to enhance education for all. Mount Lawley Primary School is a dynamic, innovative and inclusive community that nurtures and inspires lifelong learning with high levels of achievement and expectations for all.

Mount Lawley Primary School is an Independent Public School that is safe, nurturing and respectful, reflecting the community it serves. At Mount Lawley PS we share the belief and commitment that together we can achieve:

  • quality teaching
  • explicit teaching and play-based pedagogy
  • whole school approaches
  • a culture of sharing and collegiate support
  • increased teacher expertise and knowledge through engagement with current research
  • improved outcomes by using data to inform contemporary best practice
  • innovation through collaborative processes
  • professional growth and development driven by participating in classroom observations and feedback practice.

We are committed to the school’s vision of Together | Learn - Respect - Inspire - Create - Celebrate and share high expectations of ourselves and our students. Our school is a professional learning community where there is a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration and evidence based practice. We believe that there needs to be a thirst for innovation and the willingness to be constantly up-skilled as technology changes so it is used to engage students to be lifelong learners and prepare them to become digital citizens of the future.

Our Vision

Together | Learn ~ Respect ~ Inspire ~ Create ~ Celebrate

Our Values


We strive for all members of our school community to experience the joy of learning and become lifelong learners.


We develop and maintain a positive school culture that is characterised by trust, respect and strong partnerships to enhance the wellbeing of all. We provide an inclusive environment where cultural, social, physical, educational and individual needs are recognised.


We set high standards and inspire all members of our school community to strive for and achieve their personal best.


We provide an environment that fosters creativity in all its forms.


We celebrate our endeavours and successes.